AI 2023: What is the neural network? An overview || Simply explained.

AI 2023 Neural network

Neural networks are artificial intelligence (AI) models inspired by the human brain. They are capable of learning from data without being explicitly programmed. This makes them ideal for tasks such as speech recognition, image classification, and natural language processing. NNs are powerful tools for machine learning, pattern recognition, and computer vision. In this article, I … Read more

Deep Learning 2023: Basic concept, history and applications

People always get confused when they search for deep learning, people can not differentiate between machine learning and deep learning. DL is a subset of machine learning and machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. We have discussed machine learning and artificial intelligence in previous articles. This article will be covered deep learning and … Read more

Machine Learning Algorithms in 2023. Simply explained

Machine learning algorithms are being applied in almost every field today. What exactly is machine learning and why should we care? Machine learning algorithms are now being used in almost every field today, from medicine to finance to marketing. They are even being used to predict stock prices and identify fraud. This article will be … Read more