What is the basics of Response Surface Methodology?

Response Surface Methodology To build an empirical model, the statistical and mathematical collection is called the Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The main objective of RSM is to maximize production by optimizing the response (output variable), which is influenced by several independent variables (input variables). Response surface methodology is proved to be useful for improving, developing, … Read more

What is the potential role of artificial neural networks in chemical engineering?

The potential role of artificial neural networks in chemical engineering is on the track of research, due to complex derivational problems in chemical engineering we need updated techniques than conventional. Artificial Neural networks in Chemical Engineering may be helpful to tackle the problems. What is the Artificial Neural Network (ANN)? An artificial neural network is … Read more

What are the 20 basic statistical terms used in research?

There are so many statistical terms used in research for development, fabrication, optimization, etc. Statistics is an important subject and plays a key role in research. Good statistical knowledge may help the researchers to systematic approach toward data collection and handling. Decisions related to the adopted process and parameters can take easily by using statistics. … Read more