How i started earning money on Chegg? 1. Step by step 2. Review.

Earning money is a difficult task these days, but earning money on Chegg is easy. It is said that when a person does nothing, something goes on in his mind. The same thing has happened to me. We were facing a complete lockdown due to novel Covid-19 in March of 2020. I was getting frustrated sitting at home. A senior from Mechanical Engineering suggested to me that earning money on Chegg is so easy, you can earn easily. He was also earning money from Chegg by solving questions those days. I was surprised, I thought it may be fake, but it was genuine.
I googled, started to search about Chegg, and went through the below stages.

Stage (1): Registration for earning money on Chegg

I registered myself on the Chegg website as per the user manual discussed in the previous article. Firstly, the Chegg technical team replied to me at that time.

Dear Candidate,
Your interest in the Q&A Expert hiring for the Chemical Engineering subject has been submitted. The details submitted are as follows:


We expect the hiring process to re-start by the first week of June. We will intimate you the moment we start accepting applications.

Please note that the onboarding of all successful candidates will be in September. We have limited vacancies and will grant answering rights on first come first serve basis for candidates completing the applications earlier than others.

Thanks, and Regards,
Expert Hiring Team
Chegg India


Stage (2): Waiting list

It was clear that the recruitment process is over, or they do not need any experts. Anyways, I tried again next month by registering myself. I received a mail from the Chegg hiring team as stated:

Dear Candidate,
Thank you for registering for the recruitment process to become a Managed Network Expert – Chemical Engineering for Chegg.
We recommend that you complete the application process within 2 days and you may log in by clicking here.
The process is divided into five parts as follows: –
• Passing the subject test (2 attempts allowed pass percentage of 50%)
• Preparing & passing the guidelines test (3 attempts allowed, pass percentage of 80%)
• Upload your degree for verification
• Submit your details for verification
• Email & Mobile OTP verification
Once you have completed the above steps, the hiring team shall review and verify your candidature.
Thanks & Regards,
Expert Hiring Team


Stage (3): Scrutiny

After completing the verification process, I received an Email from Chegg Expert Hiring Team. In which they appreciated me for participation in the recruitment process.

Dear XYZ,

Thank you for your interest & the completion of the expert recruitment process.

It takes the expert hiring team 10 working days (Mon-Fri) to review your application and give a final decision on your candidature.

Please note that you have accepted the engagement terms & conditions available here at XX-YY-20 & XX-YY-20.

Thanks and Regards,
Expert Hiring Team
Chegg India


Stage (4): Selection

The Chegg Expert Hiring Team took hardly 5 days to confirm my candidature as an expert. Generally, they take three to seven days.

I remember that morning, it was amazing when I received a mail of CONGRATULATION!!!


Stage (5) Login credential

It was time to get a dashboard, provided by Chegg on their official website. They intimated about activation of my expert answerer account. The door was now open for earning money on Chegg.

earning money on Chegg



Stage (6) Chegg personalized dashboard

Now, an amazing journey was started ongoing dashboard of Chegg. I clicked on and went on the Question n Answer dashboard. See the screenshot below:



I entered my Expert Answerer login credentials and click on Sign In. A new tab appeared as my personal dashboard as like:



Left side:

Start answering questions” to start answering on Chegg Q&A. The “FAQ” tab lists answers to my basic queries. The “My Answers” tab gives me details of the answers which I have submitted on the Chegg Q&A board.

Right side:
The table on the right side of the tab shows my performance on Chegg Q&A. The stats can be seen daily, weekly and monthly basis. “Skipped” count indicates the number of questions that I have skipped. “Answered“ count indicates the number of questions that I have answered. “CF Score” is my quality score on Chegg Q&A

Stage (7): Eligible for payouts

After a trial period of answering the question, I got an email to congratulate me as I would be eligible for a payout.



Stage (8): Payment details

Now, the time was to receive my first payout. I solved only a few questions but was excited to see my first earning money on Chegg. Usually, Chegg’s payment is credited from the 12th to the 15th of the month. Chegg pays for every valid solution that has been submitted by me on the QnA dashboard.

See the screenshot of my first online earning on Chegg details:


The money can be received in the bank directly after a deduction of 10% TDS, the TDS can be received after filing an income tax return (ITR).


Stage (9): COMIS report

To ensure that students are being provided with the best answers possible, Chegg reviewers review random samples of each expert’s work. The COMIS review team always checks the quality of the answers. I got two times COMIS report with satisfactory but received not satisfactory once. The reason for not being satisfactory was a violation of Chegg guidelines. I maintained my account by improving my CF score (above 80%). CF score reflects the quality of your answer. See my COMIS report below:


Your account could be revoked and your dream of earning money on Chegg could be only a dream if you do not maintain your CF score. The journey of earning money on  Chegg is still going on, but I give less time. You can earn a lot by maintaining your CF score of more than 80%.

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