Best 10 websites to get better job opportunities in your professional life

Finding out the best 10 websites to get a better job opportunities is a difficult task because when you googled for the ‘best 10 websites to get a better job’ you will be confused before selecting the best 10 websites. This article is focused on the best 10 websites to get a better job. The best 10 websites were picked after considering the features, ease of use, interface, reputation, and experience of the website.


This is a social networking website for people who want to get professional jobs, and also want to get connected with professional people. This company was started in 2002 and launched its website in May 2003. LinkedIn helps professionals find jobs and companies recruit employees. On LinkedIn, users create profiles including work history, education, skills, and recommendations from previous employers. Companies use LinkedIn to post their job openings and recruit candidates.

Users may apply directly via the site’s job search engine or upload résumés. Users can make connections with other users who involve in professionalism, they can also share their education, work, experience, and skills. This website has more than 200 million users globally. This website is available in many languages, including Arabic, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Malay.

  • The United States has the most LinkedIn users, approximately 74 million users.
  • India with 18 million users is in the second number
  • In the United Kingdom with 11 million users
  • Brazil with 11 million users
  • Canada with 7 million users

best 10 websites to get a better job

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Indeed is a free job search engine that enables users to search for local and remote positions across thousands of company pages. US-based employment-related website is available in 60 countries with approximately 28 languages. The main work of this website is listing jobs from thousands of websites. They generate revenue through premium subscriptions which involve premium job posting and resume features for companies. They also offer to post resumes for seekers to get directly a job from Indeed’s website. Mr. Paul Forster and Rony Kahan were founded in 2004 in the USA. Users can narrow results using location, job type, salary, and more. Indeed claims to have information about over 4 million job postings.

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A Pakistan-based employment website is a subsidiary of American company Naseeb Networks, Inc. It was founded by Mr. Monis Rahman in 2007. This website has posted jobs from 65 thousand companies and is the number 1 rank in Pakistan.

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Founded in 1994 by Jeff Taylor, is an employment website globally, owned and prepared by Monster Worldwide, Inc. Monster has 4000 employees worldwide with a revenue of US$800 as per data provided by the company in 2014. This multi-language employment company is a subsidiary of a Dutch MNC human resources consulting firm, named Randstad Holding. Monster is a global online career network connecting millions of people looking for jobs and businesses seeking talent. Monster offers career advice, recruitment services, and online job listings.

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A New York City-based career website owned by DHI Group, Inc. Approximately 80,000 technical jobs are listed, 3 million technology professionals are registered and 2.4 million visitors per month are recorded as per the claim of the company.

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Founded in 1995 to find a job by job seekers, located offices in Chicago, Illinois, and United States. It became the largest market share among online employment websites in the United States in 2008. The revenue of the company was US$714 in 2016 with 3000 employees globally. This multi Lingual Company is owned by Apollo Global Management.

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Naukri works on the job listing and employer branding or visibility of advertisement. It is the subsidiary of India’s premier online classifieds company Info Edge. As per the claim of the company, had a database of about 46 million registered job seekers. A data set shown by the website claimed that 12,000 resumes were added per day while 195,000 were modified per day.

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Glassdoor is a job search engine and review website that uses for anonymously review companies of current and former employees. This multilingual website was founded by Tim Besse, and Robert Hohman, in 2007. This website has 9 million job listings and 50 million unique website visitors. The headquarter is located in Mill Valley, California, USA.

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Jibber jabber

This is a career website for jobseekers, website is dedicated to helping empower career-minded professionals. It was founded by Jason Alba during his epic failure-of-a-job-search in early 2006.

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This is the leading job site in the Middle East and North Africa, connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire. 10 million visits per month while 35 million registered job seekers globally as per the claim of the company. The website was founded in 2000 and operates in three different languages such as French, English, and Arabic. The website works with approx. 40,000 companies including small-scale businesses and government enterprises. For smooth functioning, the website has 14 offices in different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, UAE, and Oman.

best 10 websites to get a better job

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