What are the 3 stages of artificial intelligence?

The 3 stages of artificial intelligence are nothing, just evaluation of artificial intelligence. Simply we can say the 3 stages of artificial intelligence are the present, next present, and future status of artificial intelligence technology. Don’t get confused between types of artificial intelligence and stages of artificial intelligence, types, and stages of artificial intelligence are different from each other.

Several articles have already surfaced about the different types of artificial intelligence based on different things. This article will be covering 3 stages of artificial intelligence. Before going to read about the stages of artificial intelligence we should be clear about artificial intelligence and its types.


Artificial Intelligence, types, and its history

Artificial intelligence is a technique for teaching a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or software to think intelligently in the same way that humans do. According to IBM in simple words, artificial intelligence is a discipline that blends computer science and substantial datasets to facilitate problem-solving. Making hardware and software for machine intelligence is the emphasis of the scientific discipline of artificial intelligence. It affects how people behave.  Read more about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can be divided based on its functionality. These categories go from task-specific intelligent systems, which are widely used today. Types of artificial intelligence are already elaborated on in an article

The concept of “artificial intelligence” and the associated technology is not new to researchers. Contrary to what you would believe, this technology is far older. The crucial moments in the evaluation of artificial intelligence can be read here.


What are the 3 stages of artificial intelligence?

To be more specific, Artificial Intelligence is divided into three stages. The below discussed three stages of AI instead of the three forms of artificial intelligence, these are the three stages during which it can develop.

3 stages of Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (NAI)

NAI is dedicated to assisting or taking over specific tasks, often referred to as Weak AI, which is the stage of artificial intelligence in which machines are limited to performing a small number of very specialized tasks. At this point, the machine only executes a list of predefined tasks; it is incapable of thinking. Siri, Alexa, and self-driving cars are examples of weak AI.


General Artificial Intelligence (GAI)

Take the knowledge and transfer it from one domain to another. GAI is also referred to as strong AI, it is the stage of AI development where machines have the capacity to think and act similarly to humans. Strong AI has not yet been shown, but it is anticipated that researchers will soon be able to build machines that are just as intelligent as people. Many scientists believe that the existence of humans is in danger from GAI.


Super Artificial Intelligence (SAI)

In this stage, the machines will be extremely smart compared to humans. The SAI stage of AI is when computers’ capabilities will surpass the minds of people. Currently, SAI is a fictitious scenario where machines have taken over the planet as seen in movies and science fiction books.


A.I. is based on algorithms, so when it collects data it may make decisions and forecast the future based on various data patterns. Because of AI, we receive recommendations for Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube based on your interests. It is used by websites that are similar to Amazon to send emails with information about things that you may purchase in the future.

As long as they all fall within the category of weak AI, the forms of AI we produced can be controlled. This is limited to our coding methodologies. Till GAI, things would be under control but the potential risk of SAI are enormous. According to Stephen Hawkings, its development could be the worst thing to happen to our civilization. Superintelligent machines could endanger our own survival, but this is merely the storyline of another science fiction movie.

3 stages of Artificial Intelligence 3 stages of Artificial Intelligence 3 stages of Artificial Intelligence

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